The 5-hour driving pre-licensing program introduces new drivers to safe driving behaviors and rules of the road. It is a fully online program delivered in the form of lectures on Zoom. If you live in Staten Island and you are applying for the road test, you need to pass this course first.

We provide our services in every borough of the city. People living in the neighborhoods of Staten Island can also enroll for the program. We are available in all the major neighborhoods including Port Richmond, zip code 10302, 10303, and 10310, Mid-Island, zip code 10314, South Shore, zip codes 10306, 10307, 10308, and 10309, Stapleton, zip code 10301, and St. George, zip codes 10304, and 10305.

About Staten Island

Coextensive with Richmond county, Staten Island is the least populated borough in the state of New York. It is third-largest in terms of land area and is present in the southwest portion of the city. It was known as the Borough of Richmond until 197. However, it later became the Borough of Staten Island.

Dutch colonists developed settlements on the island and during the 17th century. The New York Bay separates the borough from New York. What’s more, the inhabitants of Staten Island sometimes call it ‘the forgotten island’ because of the government’s lack of attention towards the borough.

Featuring the large Victorian houses, the North Shore of the island is mainly urban whereas the South Shore is suburban in character. The industrial part of the borough is located in the West Shore and has the least population.

The interesting thing about Staten Island is the diverse and large population of wildlife. The borough is home to white-tailed deer, raccoons, opossums, foxes, newts, and hundreds of species of birds. Apart from the main island and the county, the borough also contains several uninhabited islands. These include Prall’s Island, Shooters Island, Hoffman Island, and Swinburne Island.

Moreover, Staten Island doesn’t share a land border with any of the other boroughs of New York. The peak of Todt Hill is not only the highest point on Staten Island, but it is the highest point on all of the boroughs. In addition, there are numerous parks and forests in the borough including Miller Field, Great Kills Park, Sawmill Creek Wetland, Saint Francis Woodland, and Arden Heights Woods. It is simply known as the borough of parks.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of tourists on the island. Musicians and artists are moving to the borough to live near Manhattan and get enough space to work freely. Historic Richmond Town and Staten Island Zoo are the major tourist attractions of the island. Lastly, a lot of films have been partially and completely filmed on Staten Island including The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Irishman.

How Can We Serve You?

We offer a fully online program for new drivers who are applying for their road test. Our 5-hour driving pre-licensing course introduces you to New York state traffic laws and helps you become a responsible driver. You will learn everything about driving safely within the highway transportation system.

Our highly professional and certified coaches will deliver lectures on Zoom and give you the comfort of learning at your own pace. They will teach you to control your feelings and attitude while driving. Listed below is the eligibility criteria for our program.

Who Can Take Our Course?

Everyone above the legal age of 18 who wants to get a new driving license or renew an old one can register for the course. Before you take your road test, it is mandatory to pass the 5-hour driving pre-licensing exam. You have to submit a valid learner permit from the NYSDMV with your photo on it.

However, teenagers who are planning to get a junior driving license or motorcycle license are not eligible for the 5-hour driving pre-licensing program.

Course Details

The course is divided into nine learning modules with a quiz at the end of each module. It is delivered online through the Zoom application and expires after thirty calendar days of registration. So, you have to complete the course within thirty days with a score of at least 70%.

It covers all important topics from responsibilities of a licensed driver to safety concerns on a highway. We will teach you how to avoid crashes and avoid any trouble with the law. The total learning time of the course excluding the interactive quizzes is 270 minutes and you get three attempts to solve every quiz.

Why Choose Us?

We are the most affordable and reliable coaching service in New York. Over the years, we have educated thousands of drivers and helped them become more patient and courteous behind the wheel. We make sure that our students ace their road test!

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