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Ever since the onset of the corona pandemic, it has become quite difficult for people to go out of their houses. Finding a driving coach and attending driving lessons physically isn’t feasible during these times. That is why we are offering a fully online 5-hour driving pre-licensing program.

We provide top-notch services in every borough of New York. Our course is available in every neighborhood of Manhattan including Washington Heights, zip code 10040, Central Harlem, zip codes 10026, 10027, and 10030, Greenwich Village and Soho, zip codes 10012, 10013, and 10014, Murray Hill, zip code 10022, and Chelsea, zip codes 10001, 10011, and 10018.

About Manhattan

Also known as the urban core of the metropolitan area, Manhattan is the most densely populated borough in New York. It is the historical birthplace as well as the administrative center of the city. The borough primarily includes Manhattan Island in addition to some other small islands.

Although a part of the US mainland, Marble Hill is a prominent neighborhood of Manhattan. Due to Wall Street down in Lower Manhattan, the borough is frequently referred to as the financial center of the world. It has helped New York become one of the most economically powerful cities.

From real estate to publishing businesses, this borough has it all. It is home to numerous multinational media conglomerates. Historians believe that the borough gets its name from Dutch colonists who established a trading post in the region.

Apart from that, the Statue of Liberty is one of the hottest tourist attractions across the globe. It symbolizes freedom and keeps the hopes of immigrants alive. What’s more, the borough hosts three of the world’s ten most famous tourist hotspots including Times Square, Grand Central terminal and Central Park.

New York County is coextensive with the borough and has over one and a half million people living in every 22.83 square miles. Manhattan has the least land area among the five boroughs. However, it has the third highest population and hosts many famous bridges and tunnels. It also hosts world-famous buildings or skyscrapers such as the Empire State building and One World Trade Center.

Furthermore, the borough has some of the top-rated colleges and universities in the world. It is also home to the Stonewall National Monument, the place where the modern gay rights movement started. The area codes for Manhattan are 212/646/332, 917 and the zip code prefixes include 100, 101, and 102.

The borough is also known for its numerous parks. Some of the prominent ones include Harlem River Park, Riverside Park, Inwood Hill Park, Seward Park, and Washington Square Park.

How Can We Serve You?

Our 5-hour driving pre-licensing course is fully online and approved by the New York State DMV. It enables you to learn everything about driving without having to leave your house. We have divided the course into several modules with interactive quizzes at the end.

By taking this course, you will familiarize yourself with safe driving behaviors, defensive driving techniques, and potential risks for new drivers on the road. We will make sure that you ace your road test and get your driving license within no time.

Who Can Take Our Course?

Anyone who has recently applied for getting a new driving license or renewing an expired driving license can take our course. New drivers should be above the legal age of 18 years. They should have a learner permit issued by the NYSDMV with their photo on it.

However, teenagers who are looking for a junior driving license or a motorcycle license do not qualify for the program.

Course Details

Our 5-hour online driving pre-licensing course includes all the information that an amateur driver needs to know. It is delivered through Zoom lectures that can be taken at any time of the day. All you have to do is enroll and pass the quizzes with at least a 70% score.

We have highly skilled coaches who will help you become a more responsible and patient driver. They will teach you how to be civil behind the wheel and be aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. The course is available for thirty calendar days after registration and you get three attempts to pass the quizzes.

Why Choose Us?

Our 5-hour online driving pre-licensing course covers all the topics that an amateur driver should know about. We offer a comprehensive and detailed driving pre-licensing course at a highly affordable price. Besides, we have thousands of satisfied students who passed the road test and got their driving license right after completing the program.

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